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The Original Neck Flex


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The Original Neck Flex
The Original Neck Flex
The Neck Flex is one-of-kind. It is a new generation patent pending head harness that utilizes resistance bands to work out and strengthen all sides of the neck. Traditional head harnesses are only designed to work out the back of the neck.  The Neck Flex works the neck from every possible angle as well or better than a traditional "neck machine" at a fraction of the cost. 

Here is what you get:
  • One full adjustable heavy duty nylon head harness, hand constructed to ensure quality. Four high grade D-rings attached at all four quadrants of the head.
  • One heavy duty resistance band with built in carabiners for quick exercise exchanges
  • Coated and durable stud screw anchor

" We have tried literally every neck training harness on the market.  Most are very one-dimensional, or are designed for light-duty rehabilitation and don't stand up to heavier resistance.  The Neck Flex is by far the best multi-direction neck training harness we have found, and we use them with all of our athletes.  The simplicity of never taking it off while changing resistant points is a huge bonus in a training session. Easily worth the cost".    Jim Leo, President, PitFit Training, Inc

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